14 July 2012

I miss pork and other thoughts

--Tonight M is cooking pork chops, caramelized onions, and homemade mashed potatoes. I basically gave her the instructions and set her free in the kitchen. At 19 she is still acting like she is a baby who needs to have her hand held through everything, and I'm not buying it any more. M spent nine months living without us at uni and got along fine, so while she is home for the summer I am throwing her into the deep end of the pool and forcing her to swim. Hopefully tonight's meal will be edible.

--Speaking of pork chops, I didn't realize until recently how much I miss eating pork. The kids and I really enjoy pork tenderloin and thick pork chops, but we rarely get them. We buy ground beef and chicken almost exclusively because those are the two least expensive meats at the market. I keep seeing blogs where people talk about finding chops for 99 cents a pound but I never see them in the circulars for less than $2.99 a pound. To be fair, I don't look at the circulars every single week but now that I am unemployed I should probably start, especially if I want to have pork more often than once every few months.

--Last night we were catching up on America's Got Talent and the getting-to-know-you package for one of the acts made me think about my goals for our house. The leader of the Aurora Light Painters gave a tour of his home and commented that he and his wife made a rule about only hanging art that they created themselves on the walls. That is something I would really like to do, but I can't seem to make that step. My biggest fear is wasting money. When I am working full time I don't have the energy to pour into creative projects, but when I am unemployed money is too tight to spend on art supplies. Still, that urge to create won't go away. I've got to find a way to create something out of materials we have on hand.
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