20 August 2012

Another step towards productivity -- decluttering my inbox

Although I can't bring myself to say that I should be spending less time in front of my computer, I am willing to admit that the time I do spend could be more productive. This is even more important now that I am taking online classes. My classwork will take up several hours each week, so I have to give up something to make way.

To that end, I started decluttering my email inbox. For the past several years I've had a tendency to subscribe to newsletters that interest me, thinking that I would have more time to read them while I was out of work. This habit has gotten out of hand; this past month I have found myself deleting at least 15 emails for every one that I actually read. I have different email addresses for different purposes, which means there are days when I find myself wasting an hour sifting through and deleting email. So today as I was about to go through the tedious process yet again, I decided to take a few extra minutes and actually unsubscribe from all these newsletters. Now if I can just resist the urge to subscribe to new ones!
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