18 August 2012

Can't wait for classes to start!

The classes I am referencing in the title are not the kids' classes, but mine. After years of dealing with miserable jobs and dwindling employment prospects for someone with my limited skill set, I finally decided to go back to school. My formal education ended with a 10-month secretarial course in 1985; as you can imagine, offices have changed a lot since then. We were still using typewriters and correction fluid when I took that class! I've always been interested in computers so I am going for an associate's degree in computer information technology.

ABM has mentioned more than once over the years that I should go back to school, but I've never felt right about it. I've never been the martyred mother type, but spending money on classes when the kids needed other things didn't seem fair. Even now, if I think about it too much I start to feel guilty. From the outside I imagine that my timing seems a bit off, what with M starting her sophomore year at university and the three younger kids heading that way in three years. However, this is the first time I've seen Gaston College offer practically an entire degree program online. Taking online classes at a community college price is only way I could do this. I also feel that I won't be able to find another job unless I add some sort of education from the 21st century onto my resume.

Anyway, I've already been on the college's Blackboard site to familiarize myself with the setup. My Intro to Computers course is already up and if I had my books, I would be reading the chapter for the first assignment right now.  I know it sounds dorky, but I've always enjoyed school.  My other course, American Music, is not up yet and that is making me a little antsy. I keep checking my class schedule to make sure I signed up for the online class and not the traditional one (I did). I can't find an email address for the instructor, and technically he doesn't have to make the course available until Monday. It would make me feel better if I had a chance to look over the syllabus before class starts. I guess I'll be waking up early!
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