04 August 2012

My Legacy: I'm the Soup Mom

Part of all the seeking and experimenting I do in my life is to find something that I will be known for, something that my kids remember about me after I am gone. In my fantasies, they remember me as a fun mom or a snappy dresser. In reality, they will probably remember the chicken carcass soup. I've made it often enough that if we have roast chicken on Friday night, they expect soup on Saturday. I call it chicken carcass soup because the chicken carcass is the only consistent ingredient. Tonight's version of chicken carcass soup has rice, broccoli, and onions in it.

Chicken carcass soup isn't the only soup that the kids ask for. C2 has been nudging me for a week to make the potato soup recipe I tried out several months ago. I think my kids ask for soup because it is a from-scratch meal that I am more likely to make. All I have to do is chop up the ingredients, throw them in a pot, and walk away for a little while. Half the soups I try out go in the slow cooker, so I don't even have to worry about them burning.

If you asked my kids about me today, they would probably say that I am absentminded and prone to falling. Hopefully they will also remember that I put a hot bowl of soup on the table every so often.
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