25 September 2012

Preparing to jump back in the box

I finally stopped putting it off and decided to go back to the old Sidetracked Home Executives system. ABM told me last week that he would like me to start using "that box" again. That to me was a vote of confidence, so I didn't hesitate to pull my old S.H.E. boxes out of the garage.

My issue is that I've tried to organize over and over, so I already have a handle on the beginning steps that most of these systems use: clean your clutter spot, put your shoes on as soon as you wake up, take 10 minutes to throw away 10 things, etc. What I have a problem with is the next level of cleaning. Once the daily clutter is cleared, I have a blind spot when it comes to tasks that need to be completed less frequently. I don't notice that the floor needs to be mopped or that the oven needs to be cleaned or that the ceiling fans need to be dusted. This drives ABM nuts, and that's why he wants me to go back to using the box. When I use that system, that is the only time I ever remember to do those things.

The last time I used this system was in 2008, and a lot more has changed in this house in the past four years than I thought. For instance, we've removed all the carpet in this house so all the vacuuming cards had to go. Sorting through and altering my original cards was more work than just creating new ones. After tonight's prep work, I hope we will be on a journey to a cleaner house.
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