08 December 2012

Giving Mint another try; initial budget hiccups

When I made a call for budgeting software suggestions, several people mentioned Mint.  I rejected that suggestion at first because I had tried Mint before and didn't really get it. However, looking back today, I realized that I last tried the site in 2010 and decided that I should give it another go. I set up another account today and I plan to give it a few months before I pass judgment on whether it is right for us.

A big reason that I am trying Mint again is because I need to categorize my expenses after the fact. The Dave Ramsey method seems to be all about planning ahead for how you are going to spend your money that month and sticking with it. Unfortunately we aren't there yet. Trying to get ABM to remember what he spent money on last week without annoying him was a tense balancing act. For so many years we have just paid things as they came along: no saving receipts, no balancing the checkbook, no categorizing. ABM has kept us afloat with his fancy juggling during the lean times when I've been unemployed, so I can see why he is resistant to following a stricter system.

For at least the next couple months I need to track where the money is going so I can show ABM where we are overspending. Perhaps then it will be easier to convince him to stay within the limits of the budget we set.
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