25 April 2013

Does the universe want me to get some sleep?

I am starting to believe that it is dangerous for me to think about getting up early. Yesterday I was in a Facebook conversation about about getting up early to exercise, and that put the thought out in the universe. Everything went downhill from there.

Lately I've gotten in the habit of watching TV until midnight or 1a with ABM, then playing on my iPad, then playing on my iPhone until I am super drowsy. Last night ABM fell asleep at 11:30p. Next my iPad decided to act up, so I turned it off. When I grabbed my phone, I found that my daughter had drained the battery without telling me. So I had no choice but to go to sleep. Then I woke up this morning at 5:30a, which is crazy-early for me.

This is not the first time this has happened to me. It seems that if I formulate the thought that I should get up to exercise or do something productive, the universe conspires against me to make it happen. Of course, waking up early doesn't always mean that I do anything worthwhile. I am typing this at 2:30p, and all I've managed to do is get dressed and drink coffee. I haven't even eaten yet. I did unfold the treadmill when I went down to get the coffee, hoping it will be easier to convince myself to exercise since the furniture has already been moved. Maybe tomorrow I can do a little better.
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