20 April 2013

Update on the butternut squash

Remember when I made butternut squash soup on Sunday and said it was so bad that we poured it down the drain? Well, it turns out that wasn't the entire truth. I thought that everyone hated it. It turns out that C1 liked it and she held some back for herself. She had tasted a soup made from butternut squash and pumpkin when we were on our last cruise and really liked it. I didn't remember this because we let the kids sit at their own table and order for themselves when we are on a cruise.

Another development:  a couple days after the soup flop, ABM turned to "Iron Chef America" and was rather interested in what they were doing with the different varieties of squash. Judging from the actions of at least two of my family members, I may be trying butternut squash again, after all.
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