18 August 2013

Summer ends today, at least for me

Tomorrow is the start of the fall semester at our local community college, which means today is the end of my summer vacation. Unlike my first two semesters, I am registered for a full credit load this time around. The good thing is that, because I needed to take all online classes, I ended up with a staggered schedule. I am registered for six classes, but the most classes I will be taking at one time will be four and that doesn't start until mid-October.

As a parent I've always preferred the lazy days of summer because I don't have to worry about keeping the kids on a schedule and bugging them about their homework, and that still holds true. For me, though, I'm glad to see school start again. Working toward my degree will make me feel less guilty about the fact that I haven't found a job yet because at least I will be doing something that will improve my earning potential in the future. Don't get me wrong -- I'm still looking for work. I just want to have something useful to do in between putting in applications and waiting for the phone to ring.

This has been a rough summer for me in some ways, but it hasn't been all Sturm und Drang. Because our budget is tighter and I have more time on my hands, I've become much more comfortable in the kitchen. As a family, we've finally developed more a routine for the housework and on most days I wouldn't be embarrassed to have someone drop by unannounced. We finally paid off a long-standing debt. Despite some multiple sclerosis symptoms trying to get in my way, I'm exercising more often. The one fly in the soup of my life is the lack of a paycheck, and I'm hoping that won't be something I have to worry about much longer.
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