04 October 2013

Finally over the Barley Malaise (Shawl); Working on WIPs

Finally, a finished object! I started this shawl two months ago as a thank-you gift to my neighbor/pal HK, and optimistically thought that I could finish it in a week. Ha!

I called it Barley Malaise as a play on the name of the pattern (Black Death). Technically it is a shawlette, but HK is so tiny that on her it is a shawl. The yarn is Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Tweeds in the Barley colorway. It is a pleasant yarn to work with, but some people may not like it because it is 92% acrylic and 8% rayon. I didn't bother blocking the shawl because with all that acrylic I knew a wet blocking wouldn't work. It came out of the dryer looking pretty nice and much bigger, so I didn't iron it as I originally intended.


Around the same time that I started this project, I also decided to either frog or finish the other projects that have been hanging around in my cabinet for years. Yes, I know I've said this before. However, a few serious talks with ABM have focused my mind on the issue of consistency and following through. I'm getting better at being consistent with my exercise (more on that later), and this has caused me to look around at other parts of my life that I want to tighten up. Needlework is next on the list. I can't keep calling myself a knitter if I don't ever knit!
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