29 January 2015

It's FAFSA time!

Most people are thinking about the big Super Bowl game, but for parents of high school seniors this is FAFSA time. When all of my pals in my parenting group started griping about filling out the FAFSA, I knew I couldn't put it off any longer. So I used my day off to get it done. With me and all three of my girls taking classes this fall, I had to fill it out four times. Luckily, I've done it several times before so it was difficult -- just tedious. This isn't the end, either. Since we haven't done our taxes yet, I had to use estimates for the financial information. I'll have to go back in and replace the estimates with proper numbers from the tax form once it is filed, but at least the estimates get the process going so that we can get financial aid offers from the schools. If I remember correctly from Maia's first year, we had all the offers in hand by May.

As for which schools the twins will be attending, it is almost narrowed down. C1 was accepted at NC A&T and NC Central, so she will probably be going to one of those two. C2 wasn't quite as proactive as her sister when it came to filling out applications, so she may end up going to Gaston College for a year or two and then transferring. I'll just be glad when summer comes around and we definitely know where everyone is going.
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