25 February 2015

Finally working on my February square

Progress photo for February block of 2015 Block a Month Crochet-along.

This has not been an easy month for me. My MS symptoms, which have been non-existent for months, are showing up again. The symptoms are mild compared to what others with this condition suffer with, but they are still annoying to me. Add them to the daily misery of my job, and I haven't had much motivation to work on my afghan squares. Then this week, I started getting yarn fever again so I finally got started on my February square. I'm still feeling a bit down, but I think I would feel worse if I didn't meet my goal of finishing at least one square a month.

As usual, my photography skills are sub-par. The yellow is true, but the outside color that shows as blue is actually purple. I'm trying to find a green that I like in my stash to be the background for this flower. I want to utilize what I have on hand rather than buy more, so I may end up using a shade I am not totally satisfied with. My instincts with color are not the best; I may dislike the color in the individual square, but the combination of colors in the finished afghan usually grows on me. I shall push forward through my misgivings so the project won't grind to a halt.
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