01 April 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017 #1: April Fool

April is here and poetry is in the air! Depending on where you check, this is either National Poetry Month or National Poetry Writing Month. I will be embracing a little of each on this blog by posting some of my own poetry as well as some work by other poets that I like. Honestly, my decision to write more poetry just came to me last week, so I am not exactly prepared but I will jump right in, anyway. You've been warned.

Since this is the first day of April, I challenged myself to write a poem with the phrase "April fool" in it. As usual, any constructive criticism is welcome.


April fool.
Trusting pawn.
Waiting for him
From dusk till dawn.
Knowing your faith
Was wasted again
On flashing eyes
On dancing hips
On enticing lies
From sensuous lips.
Spring ignites
Your passion's fire
Makes you believe
A man's desire
Is steadfast
Is true
Is at long last
Promising you love.

--Dani M. Sanders, 01 Apr 2017

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