29 January 2005

You guys up north couldn't be satisfied with your own blizzard, could you? You had to share the "love" with the rest of us. The sleet and freezing rain started around 7a. It turned to snow around 11a and came down pretty good for about an hour, but now it seems to have gone back to freezing rain. As you can see from the picture, the kids seem to think it is great fun to sweep off the sidewalk and driveway. That's what happens when you only get one snowstorm a year :-). Actually, they have now abandoned the sweeping and are attempting to sit in a dishpan and slide down our driveway. Posted by Hello

SNOW UPDATE: The kids are now trying to create their own sledding hill on the lawn by shoveling the snow off the driveway and the street and piling it up on the grass. Are these kids desperate for winter fun or what?

As most of you probably figured out, the SpongeBob blanket was not completed last night. All I got for my trouble was a little progress on the blanket and a little pain in my wrists and elbows. Fortunately for me, the outing will be canceled because of the weather so that buys me some time to finish it.

I want to take a break after this project, but I still owe the MIL a scarf and mittens to match the hat and socks I've already made. I have the yarn on hand and I really want to make them now so she can have a chance to use them this winter.
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