14 February 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

As you can see on the sidebar, my avatar is all ready for a hot date . Unfortunately, she will probably get more action than I will tonight. ABM won't be home until about 10p and since his job is stressful, he won't be in a good mood when I see him. Even if he was off today, I would be foolish to expect anything special. He is one of those men who think that Valentine's Day is a holiday created by advertising companies to make women believe that they aren't loved if they don't get flowers/diamonds/candy today. The last time he bought me flowers was when a co-worker pressured him to do it.

As for me doing something for him, his idea of a romantic gesture is me finding something cool and free for him on the internet. That doesn't take much effort on my part but to him it is great because he hates doing research. So I guess I will see if I can find a new game for his Zire 72.
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