13 February 2006

Water Cooler Talk: Grey's Anatomy

ABM and I spent some quality time with our Tivo and watched the last three episodes of Grey's Anatomy. We love this show! As usual for us, however, it is the secondary story lines that hold our attention. We couldn't care less about the love triangle between Meredith, McDreamy, and his wife. I am all about more screen time for Yang (Sandra Oh) and Burke (Isaiah Washington). Sandra Oh is one actress who keeps my eyes glued to the screen, no matter how small her role is. Proof of my Oh devotion? I watched a sappy Lifetime movie yesterday because she was in it. ABM's favorite character is Bailey (Chandra Wilson). My husband, who in the past hasn't gotten emotional over TV shows, was yelling at the screen last night that the writers better not let Bailey's husband die :-).

Last night's episode provided a few minor surprises. Christina Ricci is more of an indie movie chick so I didn't expect to see her doing a guest spot. Kyle Chandler, who I haven't seen in much of anything since Early Edition, was a sight for sore eyes. I was hoping that he might end up as a love interest for Meredith, not as pink mist in the hospital corridor. The explosion was a surprise to me because the musical score was lulling me into that "this is the end of the episode" frame of mind. I actually jumped when the bomb went off.

Today's Exercise: Bhangra dance video
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