13 July 2006

Poetry Thursday: Untitled

I couldn't follow this week's prompt about humor in poetry; the only funny poetry I know was written by Dr. Seuss. As you can see from my own work, I don't exactly write funny poetry, either. So I am being lazy again and posting one of my old poems.

She sat across the room from him,
Staring silently at the back of his head,
That he would speak.
She needed to know
That he wanted her there.
She wanted to feel the words
"I love you"
Uttered breathlessly against the nape of her neck.
Every fiber in her body
Screamed out for his touch,
Yet he just sat there,
Entranced by the too-loud television
And the six-pack of warm beer,
Oblivious to her aching need.

--Dani M. Sanders, 27 Jun 1989
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