15 October 2006

It had to happen

I am in a ruthless purging mood. My desktop has been giving me "low disk space" messages every other day, so I started deleting stuff left and right. Now that I've started, I'm ready to purge other things. Next stop: my blog reading list.

I hate to do it, but I have to. My Bloglines is currently monitoring 100 feeds. Subtract my 34 podcast feeds, and I am tracking 66 blogs. How many have I actually been reading on a regular basis? About five. In some warped way, I'm afraid that I will hurt someone's feelings if I unsubscribe from their feed. In reality, I haven't been reading or commenting on these blogs so the writers probably assume that I have already unsubscribed (if they were even aware of my presence in the first place). All these subscriptions are doing is making me feel guilty with the 590 unread messages staring back at me.
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