11 November 2007

Ending one week, beginning another

One week down, and another 1300 weeks or so to look forward to. That's roughly how many weeks I have until I reach retirement age. Perhaps marking them off on the calendar will make me feel better :-).

Seriously, though, my first week back in the working world was fairly mediocre. I can't say that I hate the job, but I'm not excited about it. Usually, I have at least a little curiosity about a new job and the company I am working for in the beginning. This time around, I just want to get on with it. I want to hurry past the training period so I can settle into doing the work and counting down the days. I don't want to get to know people and share lame jokes. I want to do my job and collect my paycheck.

I know it sounds like I am starting this job with a bad attitude, but it is actually necessary. I have found that if I start having fun with my coworkers on lunches and breaks, it only reminds me how much I dislike the actual work and would rather be at home. My work is always better at the beginning of a job when I don't know anyone and I eat lunch alone every day. It's strange, but it allows me to focus on the work and makes me more efficient. I need this job to last because I can't face job-hunting again. If that means being a hermit at work, then so be it.
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