28 July 2009

Facebook Brings Out the Snob in Me

This morning I woke up to find ABM exclaiming over all the long-lost friends he has discovered on Facebook. Yes, my non-techy husband started a Facebook page. I should be happy that he has found an online activity that he enjoys since he has never understood why I spend so much time on the internet. I just wish it wasn't Facebook.

Remember how resistant I was to getting a mobile phone? That same emotion extends to Facebook. I like being aware of trends and may even jump on one or two of them, but once something becomes too popular I'd rather not be part of it. If I'd joined when they first opened it up to non-college students, then that would be different. Right now, I think it is cooler to say that I know about Facebook and have chosen not to be on it.

Frankly, I miss the days when it took a little bit more effort to use your computer. Back in the DOS and Compuserve days, the people I found on the internet weren't just casual users. Yes, it was a hobby, but they knew how to use their computers or they were interested in learning what they didn't know. Now the computer is more of an appliance and internet access is a utility like cable TV. Owning a computer and being online in 1989 was something that made me different from all of the people in our social circle. If I joined Facebook now, especially after people I never even thought would buy a computer have joined, it would make me one of the hoi polloi.

Save the angry comments; I already know that I sound elitist. You should see the ugly stuff I edited out of this post :-). Besides, I may change my mind and join Facebook. Somebody has to make sure a n00b like my sweet ABM doesn't embarrass himself online!
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