30 September 2009

Sticking to My Knitting

When I started this blog, one of my main topics was knitting. I haven't written a lot about my needlework projects lately because (a) I haven't been working on them much, and (b) I take terrible pictures. The second reason is a big one. Most knitting blogs have pictures. That's why people read them -- to see how the projects turned out. I figured it would make for boring posts to write about knitting with pictures. However, in my effort to stop second-guessing myself, I am going to start posting about my projects again. If I'm lucky, I can get C2 to take a few photos for future posts.

Another decision I made this week is to go back to using my TV time for needlework instead of browsing the internet while I watch. This is a real example of "sticking to my knitting", since I was much more productive before I had the internet in my bedroom to distract me.

Gosh awful gaudy Afghan

Anybody remember the Gosh-Awful Gaudy Afghan? I can't believe that it has been sitting in my UFO pile for almost 10 years! I've picked it up a few times over the years and added some rows, but it is still only 1/4 completed. One of the biggest problems I've had is that I end up using the yarn in other projects, so when I go back to work on it I am missing the colors I need. This time it was the bluish green (the square that shows grey in the photo). Unfortunately, this color wasn't as common as the other Red Heart shades I chose and it took me forever to find a replacement. I finally found one yesterday at Hobby Lobby; it isn't an exact match, but close enough for me to work toward moving this project to the "completed" pile.
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