19 September 2010

Lost 7 lbs last week!

Once upon a time, I talked about my weight loss efforts on this site a lot. I would stick to a program for a few weeks, complain about how much I hated it, and quit. Then a few months later, I'd start a new program, assure myself and my readers that THIS time it would stick, and the cycle would start all over again. To spare you guys all my whining, I stopped writing about my fitness efforts here. However, I had to break my silence just for a moment to crow: I lost 7 lbs last week!

Although I wrote about getting back to exercise in Oct 2009, I didn't get serious until this past May. I attended my niece's graduation and at the end of that busy weekend, my feet and calves were incredibly swollen. After consulting Dr. Google, I figured it was edema brought on by the heat, the walking, and my extra weight. I've been a big girl all my life but I've never had any of the stereotypical "fat lady" symptoms like swollen extremities and heavy mouth-breathing. That weekend I had it all, so I signed up for Weight Watchers again as soon as I got home.

Taking off the weight has been slow going. There have been several weeks where I gained weight and I haven't exercised as much as I should. All in all, I've only lost a total of 12 lbs since the end of May. Still, I think I will stick with Weight Watchers Online for a while. I feel bad that I am paying for a service that isn't really much different than the free ones like Sparkpeople and FitDay, especially since I avoid the message boards and just use the tracker. All I can say is that WW seems to work for me where the other services have been too easy to abandon.

Another reason why I believe I won't give up on losing weight this time is that I have ABM beside me doing the same thing. I wouldn't exactly call him supportive; he's not the cheerleader type. However, he isn't bringing as much unhealthy food into the house as he used to and he doesn't flinch when I buy things like fresh fruit, which used to be a rarity because it was pricey. We've had a few discussions about how he would like us both to be on the same page with the fitness thing, and I know he would be resentful if he got down to a healthy weight and I wasn't even trying. ABM would prefer that I get the Lap-band like he did, but I don't want that so I have to prove to him that I can lose weight the old-fashioned way.
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