09 September 2010

This week's soup: Mrs. Grass' Chili

Although my pals Kris and Thomas are trying to steer me away from commercial soup starters (see the comments on my soup post from last week), I still had one in the cabinet so I used it for this week's soup. It was a Mrs. Grass chili starter, which had beans, rice, and seasonings in it. Again, the packet that said you could just add water, but that didn't sound appealing at all. We added ground beef, tomato sauce, and diced tomatoes. It was simple enough for C1 to make and the kids ate it up so quickly that I only got one bowl.

What soup will I try next? Well, if I don't make it to the grocery store this weekend, then I will probably use the template that Kris so graciously provided me in the comments of my last soup post. I've got plenty of chicken, garlic, rice, and onions. I'll see what else I can scare up and tell you about it next week.
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