15 April 2011

The Use Up the Yarn Scarf in progress

Scarf in progress
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The skein of yarn pictured at right is Red Heart Super Saver in a color called Mexicana. It might as well be called Rainbow because I think every color of the rainbow is in there. This is not a yarn I would have purchased because I have trouble finding patterns I like for variegated yarns. It is left over from when M had yarn braids a few years ago. She didn't want just plain black so she added a few Mexicana braids into the mix. This yarn has been jumping out at me ever since then. Every time I open my stashette it begs to be used. Finally I gave in.

I've been fiddling with this yarn since the beginning of April. I could have just knit a basic stockinette scarf or hat, but I never make things that easy on myself. First I tried a multidirectional garter-sttich scarf but the swatch looked like one giant wrong side. Then I tried an entrelac scarf. That showed off the yarn to good advantage, but at my speed it would have taken forever to finish. I wanted something quick. This photo shows my third attempt using a pattern called Not Entirely Entrelac. it still has patches of garter stitch which I don't think looks very good on this yarn, but I am going to finish it, anyway. Either one of the kids will adopt the scarf or I will donate it.

This project is indicative of my knitting life. I get so wrapped up in trying to find the "perfect" pattern to go with the yarn I have on hand that I look back at the end of the year and realize that I didn't complete anything. I only have two finished projects for all of 2010 and there were both headbands that took me an hour each. I am determined to have more completed work at the close of 2011.
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