17 August 2012

Music to guide my days

On my last job, internet streaming radio was my constant companion. My favorite services were Spotify, Slacker Radio, Accuradio, and Live365. I haven't been listening to music much since my job ended and I think that might be part of the reason why I'm not getting anything done. This morning I started the day with music and I was a bit easier to stay on task. I'm not saying I didn't get distracted a few times, but I definitely got more done:

--Put in some job applications (which takes longer than you think when the company site eats your info and you have to start over)

--Worked on crocheting C1's shawl

--Wrote a post for my game blog

With my classes starting on Monday, I need more order to my day. I need to remember how much more I get done when I add in music.
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