11 September 2012

Finished Dots and Dashes Shrug for C1

Finished vacation shrug
Originally uploaded by daniinnc2010
Pattern:  Dots and Dashes Shrug by Cindy Coleman

Yarn:  Caron Simply Soft in Grape, 1 skein

This is the first needlework project that I have completed in over a year. I knew I would get it finished in time, but I'm surprised that I got it done with days to spare. Usually when I am making something as a gift or for an event, I am stitching in the car on the way to the event or weaving in ends seconds before it needs to be worn. Because of this, I don't have evidence of the many items I have created over the years. This adds to the impression that everyone has of me never finishing anything, especially since many of the projects I complete leave the house as baby shower gifts. At least this time I have one more photo to add to my Ravelry album.

The only aspect of this project that disappoints me is that it was so easy. On the one hand, an easy project was what was called for in this instance because I needed something that I was sure to complete in the time allotted. However, I have found that I take on easy projects too often. Shouldn't I try to challenge myself? I believe I have the skill to complete a more complicated pattern, or at the very least a garment that is bigger than a hat or a baby sweater. What has stopped me in the past is the fear that I will spend money on supplies for a big project like a sweater for myself and then not finish it. I would feel so guilty for wasting money like that.

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