12 September 2012

Picking a project for vacation

Once ABM and I established that it is OK for us to do different things during the day while we are on vacation, I have embraced my true holiday personality. For me that is sitting in a deck chair with a cup of coffee while I listen to an audio book and knit or crochet. So while I am counting down the hours to our departure, I am trying to figure out what project I want to take with me.

Last year, I worked on the Lane Splitter Skirt from Knitty but put it down as soon we came back. I could possibly finish that skirt on this trip but I'm not as jazzed about that project as I was before. Not only do I associate that project with the sorrow of that trip, but I am also less confident that I want a slim stretchy skirt across my wide butt. I may finish t

What I really want to do right now is work on socks for myself. Fall is approaching and I own exactly two pairs of socks that I bought last year when I bought a cute pair of clogs.We all have feet that are close to the same size, so we throw our socks in a communal basket when we do laundry. I wear the white sweat socks ABM buys for himself and the kids. That is fine for most days but I don't have any trouser socks or socks with neat patterns that would look good with my clogs. 

I've got four skeins of Patons Stretch Socks yarn on hand, two in the Plum color and two in Sugar. That is enough to make two pairs of socks. The only thing is that I don't want to fiddle with double-pointed needles on a cruise. I may end up completing my first pair of crocheted socks. Stay tuned!

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